Vision provides complete appraisal services to local government. Our services support the equitable distribution of the property tax. We provide full revaluations, valuation updates, cyclical property re-inspections and full personal property appraisal and data collection services. We offer complete data conversion services from any electronic or manual source. We also offer full digital imaging services along with CAMA based imaging software. We can complete all steps of an imaging project from shooting the initial photos to digitizing the photos and integrating the digitized images with our CAMA software.

We feature many forms of project management and consulting. With a very experienced and diverse staff, we have the ability to offer specialized services. In addition to overseeing data conversion projects, we can also assist with the interface to other systems, both automated and manual. We can manage employees who are working on a project, or simply work alongside the staff on a specific set of tasks within a project in order to meet a deadline.

Our Corporate goal continues to be the refinement of the assessment administration process through the use of new technology and innovative management techniques. We have been successful in the past and we will continue to invest the necessary resources on research and development in the information systems field, as well as for the education of our employees to maintain our leadership role in the Appraisal and Assessing field.


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