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Important note about new clients and the online databases

  • Connecticut: Waterford, Westbrook, Wolcott, Southington, Newington, West Hartford, East Hartford, Stafford, Plainfield, Somers, Enfield, Haddam
  • Massachusetts: Swansea, Worcester
  • New Hampshire: Portsmouth
  • Rhode Island: Warwick, Pawtucket, Jamestown
  • Vermont: Colchester
  • New York: New York City, Rye
  • Pennsylvania: Tioga†County, Bradford County
  • District of Columbia
  • Virginia: Henrico County, Staunton City, Suffolk City

10/21/2010 - Vision Announces Merger with Opal Data Technologies

Vision is pleased to announce our merger with Opal Data Technologies, the largest provider of tax administration, tax collection, permitting, utility billing, and records management software in Rhode Island. As separate companies, we have each focused on providing premium customer support and functional software systems for local government. Together, we will move our products forward to enhance the user experience through increased automation, reduced data entry, improved error detection, and increased overall efficiency. Kevin Comer will remain as President of the combined companies, and Peter DiCicco will now become the Vision Vice President of the Opal product lines. Please donít hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.

GIS on the Web

We have added two major upgrades to our online database product, as well as a new look. First, we have made changes that will speed up the site. Users should see a marked difference in response time when using the site. This change was necessitated due to the site’s increased popularity. We are currently seeing an average of 300 to 600 concurrent users during many days. Second, we have added mapping data. Currently any jurisdiction with an (M) next to the name is publishing mapping data on our site. This option is now available to all clients that possess digital maps. We utilize ESRI’s ArcIMS mapping software to make the information available over the Internet.
(Screen Shot)

Version 6

For information on version 6, please contact the marketing department.

Mobile Field Review Devices

We have taken advantage of the new tablet PCs and pen based Windows software http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/tabletpc/default.asp to give our appraisers the tools to make all necessary data entry changes and view finalized values while they are actually viewing the property in the field. These tablet PCs are small, lightweight devices that are actually fully functional computers. Over the last year, we have completed a few projects using this technology. Our appraisers have access to a specialized mobile screen (see below) but can also access the complete Appraisal Vision software. This new technology is helping the appraisers to deliver a finished product more quickly and with fewer errors. For more information on this exciting new technology please follow the link above and contact the marketing department to get more information on the Vision mobile solution. (Screen Shot)

Creating Land Values using GIS

Our new V6 CAMA system along with ESRI software now allows you to plot your sales on a GIS map and then extract land values from an analysis of the sales. This advanced spatial analysis, known as three-dimensional land analysis or Z contour analysis, uses the values of nearby sales to assign a location index, or Z value (which are represented on the map below as color codes), to each individual parcel. In Vision, the Z value is used to look up land values specific to each location in a County, City or Town. For more information on this new land modeling tool please contact the marketing department.

This image (Click Here) is an example of sales that were plotted along a community’s waterfront. The red dots are sales and the coloration represents different value areas. The red and yellow areas indicate the higher valuation locations and the green are the lower value areas.